Windows 10 Good, Bad, or Ugly?

The free upgrade is nice for those who already have either 7 or 8. If you’re on 7 right now don’t bother. If you’re on 8….consider it just to get away from 8.
Most of our customers who have tried 10 seem to fall into 3 main groups. 1) upgrade went smoothly and works fine. 2) upgrade went fine hated 10 tried to roll back and failed. 3) upgrade did not go well. I’ve personally only upgraded one of my machines at the shop to 10. At this point in time I see no reason to upgrade as there is really nothing to be gained. Follow the rule of thumb for Microsoft products…..Don’t touch it until service pack one is released. Typically this is when the major problems are fixed and it has evolved enough to be a usable product.

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