Mining on Windows 10

We currently have one full time miner that is running windows 10.  While I much prefer a Linux system to mine with. Until I get the device drivers for the RX 550 and RX 560 to work I’m stuck with windows.  The windows 10 miner in question currently has 3 RX 550 and 1 RX 560 mining with SG Miner 5.5.5.  With its current settings its averaging 1.15x H/s.  I think there is probably still some room for improvement without overclocking/flashing bios etc.  Using Minergate software to mine with it worked but was pretty unstable.  Every few hours would randomly drop a GPU sometimes two.  Yes a reboot brought everything back.  Its the lost productivity I have a problem with and that’s where we switched over to SG Miner 5.5.5.  It is more stable but doesn’t seem like its going to be as stable as the linux systems have been thus far.  On another note on some GPUs I have observed that Minergate while very easy to get going may only hash at half the rate I get with SG Miner on a linux system.

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