Mining on Nicehash

We have almost completely switched from Minergate and nanopool to NiceHash.  Minergate has a nice interface but their software just does not produce good hash rates and is windows based.  Mining XMR sgminer produces double the hash rate that Minergate software produces.  Windows based software tends to be much less stable than linux based systems and one thing you want for your mining operation is stability and performance.  So from Minergate we shifted to nanopool XMR.  Running sgminer there was alright but you have to mine 1 full XMR to see any payout.  At this point in the operation my miners are profitable but until we get a little bigger a more frequent payout is desirable.  So this brings us to Nicehash.  Great thing is you get paid in bitcoin regardless of what currency you are mining and payouts are every .001-.002 bitcoin to my external wallet.  So far the only real issue again is their software is windows based.  Running on windows 10 was horrible because its constantly updating…rebooting and screwing up the video drivers.  After a while of this nasty behavior we switched back to 7 and disabled updates….why not do that on 10 you ask?  Try disabling windows update on 10.  We even tested with an unregistered install and could not get it to stop updating…so without hacking windows update….its just easier to use 7 for the RX 550 and RX 560.  The RX 460 are happily mining on Ubuntu 16.04….yes a little more difficult to get up and running…but once they are…they just run.  Last night I switched the equihash mining over from sgminer at a hash rate of about 70-75sol/s per gpu to claymore zcash miner 12.6 because its producing 125-130sol/s per card so yes its worth paying his dev fee of 1%.

Supposedly the RX 5xx series does work with the linux drivers now so we will be revisiting that in the near future.  I am thinking there are a couple of steps that AMD left out of the instructions in the newer versions was my problem…but we shall see.

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