Microsoft Windows 10 Security…..not what you thought it was?

Recently saw a situation where a user running Windows 10 was doing just fine until he installed Microsoft Office.  I have no idea what Microsoft was thinking on this one.  But what they did was reset a number of security settings on this system to paranoid/delusional.   As well as changing their private to a public network.  Which this combination of settings refused to allow the user to goto legitimate websites and do things online that they previously were able to do.  Resetting the settings back to defaults in this case seemed to take care of the problem.  One of the sites in question was – No, not a porn site….its an art supply company in fact.

One thought on “Microsoft Windows 10 Security…..not what you thought it was?”

  1. Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand what security is….or should be. Security is not keeping you from doing anything. Security should be allowing you to do what you need to do and be safe while doing it. Having said that there are some things people try to do that they really shouldn’t in the first place… they say “you can’t fix stupid”.

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