HitBtc Exchange – Be wary.

I have been using HITBTC for a few months now to but/sell XDN.  The exchange itself seems to function well.  Then I had a question and contacted support.  Weeks go by with 0 response.  Then finally I get an email saying please resubmit your request using their new trouble ticket system.  By then I’ve figured out the answer on my own.

Then there was a problem which they acknowledge that users are unable to deposit XDN….weeks go by problem still not fixed.  This caused me to miss out on being able to sell XDN at the highest prices that I personally have ever seen XDN reach.

Later I enable 2FA authentication which works fine until I have to wipe my phone.  There is a backup code that you are supposed to use which was also on my phone when it was wiped….my fault completely.  Contact support for assistance…..weeks go by….NOTHING.  No response whatsoever.   So now I am unable to access my account.

Conclusion HITBTC when it works is great.  If you ever run into an issue then you are on your own.  If the issue is their problem it may be weeks or months being fixed.  Kinda makes me think they are more interested in taking your $$ than providing a fully usable service.  As for me I will be looking at other exchanges to trade crypto currency on.

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