Have you been Windows 10 OS Raped?

We have had a number of customers complaining of their machines just being upgraded to windows 10 one day without their consent.  Some who work in law enforcement question the legality of this move by microsoft to force 10 on people who either don’t want it now or don’t want it at all.

I think the loophole here is due to the fact that 10 is being pushed out as a windows update and users have given consent for “critical” or “important” updates to be installed automatically.  Microsoft considers this beta version of 10 to be an important or critical update and takes advantage of your permission to install updates to rape your machine with a whole new OS whether you want it or not.  So now it seems that it would be wise to review just exactly what you have given microsoft permission to do to your systems.

Yes in most cases it can be rolled back but this may take several hours.  This in a business environment is several hours of lost productivity….which by rights microsoft should be financially responsible for….will they be held accountable….no probably not.

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