EBay far too greedy for our good.

In recent months myself and others have been noticing plummeting sales on ebay.  So I’ve done some investigating as to why this is happening.

As it is ebay gets paid twice for every listing that sells once when you list the item or pay your store subscription and a second time when the item sells in final value fees.   Now ebay is wanting sellers to pay them to promote search results.  Why should sellers pay ebay a third time???  In addition to this ebay pays no attention to the seller return policy and does whatever they want to thus enabling scammers to run rampant.

Back to search results to further encourage sellers to promote listings ebay is blocking outside search engines as much as they are able to.  So in order to maybe find anything on ebay you have to first goto ebay and search from there.  This is NOT how most internet users shop.  Most internet users start shopping by going to their search engine of choice and searching for whatever they want to buy.  So if you sell on ebay you’re being left out.  Myself and others have searched for example on google for our exact listing titles and have been on most occasions unable to find listings we know do exist.  Give it a shot yourself….see if your listings show up when you search.

At this point in time if there were a marketplace to sell on that was fair to both buyers and sellers it sure seems like plenty of people would be willing to make the switch.  Check the ebay forums among other places for many many complaints along these lines.

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