AMD RX 550 Mining

My new RX 550 video card arrived yesterday.  Last night I installed it in a ubuntu 14.04 machine.  The latest drivers don’t really seem to install on 14.04…so upgraded to 16.04.  So far so good. Installed the AMD GPU Pro drivers for 16.04.  They install just fine but clinfo shows no available OpenCL platforms.  After a bit of research I find there is a bug in the AMD GPU Pro drivers for ubuntu AND that bug is the RX 550.  So for now the card is mining XMR using Minergate on windows 10 pro.  Not happy about having to use windows to mine this card but until the next version of AMD GPU Pro it is what it is.

I went with minergate over claymore because claymore automatically takes a percentage off the top before the pool fees.

4 thoughts on “AMD RX 550 Mining”

  1. The October AMD GPU Pro driver update did NOT fix the problem with the RX 550 as far as I have been able to tell. Have tried to update an existing install and a clean install so still forced to mine with windows to make use of the RX 550 GPU

    1. This afternoon I tried connecting a riser card to a USB3 port just to see if the GPU would be detected. In some mining rigs I had seen what looked to be PCIe to USB3 adapters. So far no further information on these or where to get them. I am working on a deal with the manufacturer of a PCIe expansion board that would allow 1 PCIe x16 slot to run 16 GPUs. Will be pretty cool if it works out. Hopefully….fingers crossed will be testing this tech soon! So stay tuned!!

  2. Started working with the December AMD GPU pro 17.50 Linux driver update. Haven’t spend much time with it…but so far it does look promising although I don’t have it working at this time.

  3. This afternoon again I tried the RX 550 and RX 560 with the AMD GPU Pro 17.5 drivers on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04. This time the RX 560 came up and worked immediately. When I looked at the RX 550 with clinfo there was an error identifying them so needless to say they do not work. So until I come up with another way to try to get the RX 550 to work with ubuntu….its back to unstable windows mining. I did not run the RX 560 long enough to get any kind of accurate reading on hash rates. If anyone has gotten an RX 550 to work with linux I would like to know how you did it.

    Right now I’m thinking is it possible to flash an RX 550 with RX 560 BIOS and get them to work that way?

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