AMD RX 460 XMR Mining on Ubuntu 16.04 with SGMiner-GM

Last night got the software installed and started mining XMR using SGMiner.  base settings produced an average rate of approximately 268H/s.  Still trying to optimize settings but am now averaging about 301H/s.  At current market prices etc this translates to $35-40/month for this GPU.  Later I will try to post a guide of how I got it to work.  On paper anyway it is easier to be profitable with the RX series because they use less power than other cards.

3 thoughts on “AMD RX 460 XMR Mining on Ubuntu 16.04 with SGMiner-GM”

  1. To date I have not gotten an RX 460 to work with the AMD GPU Pro 17.5 update. I think there are some steps AMD left out of the installation instructions. To get my 2 latest pair of RX 460’s up and running I went back to 17.3 which works well. They are currently mining XMR at an average hash rate of approximately 305H/s per GPU.

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