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April 14th 2018 Most Profitable VGA Cards

Using the NiceHash profitability calculator. An electric cost of $0.16/kilowatt hour. The pdf file is sorted by best return on investment. ROI..

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Monero CPU mining.

We currently have a couple of CPU miners running. First off no they are not profitable however the mining does help recoup some of the cost of..

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Mining on Nicehash

We have almost completely switched from Minergate and nanopool to NiceHash. Minergate has a nice interface but their software just does not produce..

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EBaay far too greedy for our good.

In recent months myself and others have been noticing plummeting sales on ebay. So I’ve done some investigating as to why this is happening…

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CPU Mining XMR – Monero revisited

We’ll be revisiting this topic because I just discovered that the wolf miner apparently is no longer or has been absorbed into something else…

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